Review On Volkswagen Amarok

Reviewed By: Nikhil Pandey
Email: Last Updated: Jan. 2, 2018, 4:13 p.m.
Car Amarok
Company Volkswagen
Class Pickups


The Amarok unites cross-country mobility, flexibility and efficiency like no other pickup. Set on a robust ladder-frame chasis and encased in Volkswagen build quality, the Amarok is packed full of smart technology and design. The Amarok's power 2.0 litre TDI Biturbo engine sets new standards in terms of torque, fuel economy and CO2 emissions. Amarok is the only pickup where toughness and smartness comes together.

Enigine and Transmission

Now here comes the power that is provided by 4 cylinders 1968cc 2.0 litre TDI Biturbo engine and an engine option of 6 cylinders . Now as every VW cars, the Amarok's engine is mated to the DSG transmission which works flowlessly. The whole engine setup churns out 140 BHP at 3500rpms. And 340 nm of torque at 1600-2250rpms which is a big numbers for any pickups. Again when talking about the acceleration it does 0 - 100km/h in just 13 seconds. And the mind-bogling top speed of 170km/h.


As said before the Amarok sets the new standards and the statement is not compromised when it comes to the technology. The Amarok's radio has an RDS display, MP3-compatible CD player, interface for mobile phone provision and loudspeakers in the front and two more in the rear for a good musical experience. It also features a diversity aerial and a large display that is compatible with PDC(Park Distance Control). And all these technologies are standard on the Amarok trendline.


The Amarok Automatic available with four-wheel drive is present all times, irrespective of the driving surface, providing the best grip possible. Whenever the wheel is in danger of locking, the ABS system immediately intervenes by reducing the brake pressure in a controlled manner. This helps the vehicle fully steerable. Many features also includes in Amarok like differential locks, anti-slip regulation(ASR). Also the airbags, central locking system, radio remote control and many more are included.


The premium look and feel of the materials and the ergonomics arrangement of the controls set a whole new standards for pickups. The carpet floor covering is particularly robust and creates a warm atmosphere in the passenger compartment. Climatronics regulates the interior temperature in line with the the preselected preferred temperature by means of automatic adjustment of blower speed and operation of the air distributor flaps, with virtually draught-free flow of air through the passenger compartment. For the cruising through the highway is also not a big deal due to cruise control system(CCS). Those who work hard deserve some comfort too.