Review On Kia Carnival

Reviewed By: Nikhil Pandey
Email: Last Updated: Jan. 2, 2018, 6:55 p.m.
Car Carnival
Company Kia
Class Vans


The Kia Carnival encompasses as incredible combination of style, sophistication and technology with enough room to comfortably carry 8 occupants. No longer does a family vehicle mean a compromise when it comes to aesthetics. The Carnival's wider stance, clear profile and bold Tiger-hose grille culminate in a more modern, resolute design. The Carnival delivers on style and creates a truly premium experience for its driver and passengers. It's sleeker, more swept-back silhouette introduces a higher degree of sophistication. The vehicle is endurance-tested for a refined for a refined balance of power and handling.

Enigine and Transmission

The Carnival comes with 2 engine options, 3.3 litre V6 petrol engine which gives the max output of 206kW with GDI(Gasoline Direct Injection) technology. And the another engine is 2.2 litre 4-cylinder engine with 147kW of power and a significant 440Nm of torque which is powerful yet frugal. Now both the engine has 6-speed automatic transmission which is standard in all models.


Talking about the technology the Carnival is rich. It has got many things like ESC(Electronic Stability Control) to improve stability in low-grip driving conditions. HAC(Hill-Start Assist Control) that prevent from rolling backwards when started the car on an incline and it also comes with heated and ventilated seats, and many more.


Reverse camera is standard in all models with in-dash display. An innovative 360 degree camera display allows for extended visibility from all angles and this is available in platinum models. LDWS(Lane Departure Warning System) which warns the driver to use a turn signal before exiting their lane. BSD(Blind Spot Detection) to alert the driver from vehicles approaching from behind. RCTA(Rear Cross Traffic Alert) that ensures the driver of clearance of traffic while reversing the car. SCC(Smart Cruise Control) maintain a safe distance from the car in-front while cruising through highway when cruise control is activated. And last but not the least FCWS(Forward Collision Warning System) available only in platinum models.


There are times in family life when an individual seem to live in the car, thus the Carnival offers superior convenience, comfort and ergonomic support for all important drives. For the access of third-row air conditioning, the access is given right at the fingertips, alongside infotainment and bluetooth controls. The Carnval introduces a whole new level of space and versatility best suited for either 7 or 9 occupants. Slide and stand-up second row seating allows for easy in-and-out access to third row.